Lemonhaze is a Montreal born & Puerto Escondido based self-taught artist with a diverse background in music & entrepreneurship, who has more recently turned his focus to digital art. Lemonhaze is constantly experimenting with cutting-edge techniques, including P5JS (generative art), AI, collage and other traditional approaches to create pieces that are uniquely his own. For Lemonhaze, art acts both as a means of escape and as a tangible memento, capturing and preserving the essence of his life. Through his visual creations, he bestows upon himself and the world a timeless reflection of his life, carrying deep personal significance. Lemonhaze further showcase his unique views by publishing his work exclusively on the Bitcoin blockchain via the ordinal inscription protocol, for its strong value proposition. Lemonhaze's singular & offbeat journey as an artist, without the constraints of traditional art education or industry expectations, allows him to think outside the box and develop a unique perspective that sets him apart from others in the field. With no preconceived notions of what art should be, each of his works is a bold statement of individuality, showcasing his distinct vision and soul, cementing his status as a truly original and one-of-a-kind artist.