Lemonhaze is a Montreal born and Puerto Escondido based self-taught artist who merges his background in music and entrepreneurship into an explorative digital art journey. Continually experimenting with tools like P5JS, AI and traditional digital drawing software, he's approaching his works much like music production often combining multiple tools in a single piece. His art acts both as a means of escape and as a tangible memento, often very personal, capturing the essence of his experiences and emotions. With a deep appreciation for the lasting nature of the Bitcoin blockchain, he has chosen it as the foundation for his digital expressions. Lemonhaze's singular & offbeat journey as an artist, without the constraints of traditional art education or industry expectations, exude a raw individuality. Each piece being a modest reflection of his evolving perspective and soul. Exhibition & Partnership: ·Counterfeit Culture (Counterfeit Cards: Series 00 - Card 08) ·Gamma Partner Program Artist (Since August 2023) ·Exhibited at Ordinals Summit in Singapore (September 2023) · Exhibited at Inscribing AMS in Amsterdam (October 2023) · Inscribing Atlantis Curated Collection (Amsterdam Blooms #003) · Exhibited at Art Basel in Miami Nolcha Shows Ordinals Edition ft. Gamma & Inscribing Atlantis (December 2023)