Longevity Concept

Unlike many early Bitcoin ordinal collections, Cypherville takes a different approach to the inscription process. Rather than inscribing all pieces (creatures) of the collection within a short range of inscription numbers and then selling them via auction or other means later, each piece is inscribed exclusively on-demand by the Oracle* as new collectors show up. This process will last until the 16 pieces are sold out. One of the most exciting aspects of the longevity concept is that it allows for the organic growth of the collection over time. The collection itself is not in a rush to sell out, which provides more options for new collectors without affecting the existing pieces that have already been inscribed with lower inscription numbers. As a result, existing pieces are effectively aging relative to the ones that remain to be revealed. The already immortalized pieces are making a statement of longevity and persistence through time, both relative to the other pieces in the collection and the Bitcoin blockchain itself. This approach adds an intriguing texture to the rarity of each piece in the collection, while also allowing for unique interactions by the collectors. The flexibility of this approach lets the collectors engage with the Cypherville collection in their own way, whether by collecting older, lower-inscription pieces or by inscribing fresh pieces for the thrill of the drill, until the 16 pieces are sold out. New collectors who are interested in acquiring a piece from the Cypherville collection have two options. The first option is to request to inscribe the next creature in the collection for 0.069 BTC directly to the Oracle via the official Cypherville Twitter DM. The second option is to acquire an existing, and older creature on the secondary market. Pieces that are already inscribed with lower inscription numbers are generally found for a premium on the secondary market, or they are simply not listed for sale. This is because Cypherville holders tend to be long-term-oriented, pure art collectors attracted by the conceptual and visual art presented. This could be explained by the fact that Cypherville has no roadmap, no utility, and no promises whatsoever other than the art itself (16 creatures) and occasional storytelling. It's worth noting that any storytelling pertaining to Cypherville is at the discretion of the Oracle. Cypherville launched early, with inscription #12136 on Feb 7th, 2023, at a time when there was no marketplace available. As with most early ordinals projects, Cypherville dealt primarily over-the-counter (OTC) to early collectors. To maintain its focus on exclusivity and unique inscription process, the Oracle continues to use the OTC method to this day. This personalized approach creates proximity between the artist and collectors, while also preserving the original tradition of the collection. During the purchase process for creatures #1 through #8, collectors were given the option of choosing a creature from a blurred screenshot or leaving the choice of the creature to the Oracle. For creatures #9 and beyond, collectors are invited to identify their two favorite creatures from the existing collection in order to determine which creature the Oracle will inscribe next. In conclusion, the longevity concept is a simple yet clever approach to add texture to the artwork presented while creating a more complex set of interaction between the artist, the collectors and the collection itself. Cypherville was designed with longevity in mind in order to persist organically through time and offer a fine modern art experience never seen before.

*The Oracle refers to the artist Lemonhaze in the context of Cypherville